Top Countries: US, Australia, UK

Gender: 54% Male, 46% Female

Interests: Airline travel, Luxury products, Luxury travel, Resorts, Island destinations, hotels, luxury travel, outdoors, travel gear (luggage and packing)

Primary age: 1st- 25-34 2nd-35-44 3rd-55-64



I understand the importance of communicating to multifaceted audience in multi-media level, so apart from written articles on blogs, I also create videos to reach out to a more varied and wider audience. From flight videos to resort tours, I create original video content that is specific to your brand.


Detailed and comprehensive features of your product written not just with SEO in mind but also to engage readers and audience.


With a rapidly growing social presence, I can provide exposure of your brand to the right audience. Current social media audience:

Facebook – 2,000+ / Instagram – 10,000+ / YouTube – 1,400+ / Podcast – TBD


I am available for press trips to relevant destinations in order to create comprehensive and engaging content.


I can create written articles for your brand or website , with content and tone suited to your own audience. I currently write for the luxury section of the Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

Every brand is unique and different, and so are their needs.  I also love to hear about many other ways in which we may be able to work together. Please contact me to discuss strategies, rates, or to request a media kit.


In addition to developing high impact digital advertising solutions, I am creating real world events and experiences with the right brands. Objectives and deliverables are established prior — and that could involve creating articles, videos for YouTube or live sharing my experiences on social channels. From my platform, brands will actually receive a ROI and brand impact with the right affluent audience.

I have been building the correct affluent audience since 2010. Per my demographics, pictured below, my audiences are grad school educated individuals in their mid-30’s with a yearly household income of over $150K. I know how to find the right readers that can actually afford luxury cars, high-end products and travel experiences.

As a growing company, Kip Denver wants to partner with companies who speak to the integrity of individuals. With that, please include a story around your brand with any inquiry of why Kip Denver may be a good fit.

Podcast Sponsorship

$ 300

One Time
  • Podcast Opener
  • Two mentions throughout entire Podcast
  • Visual Advertising Component
  •  Real World Interaction with Product

Instagram Collaboration

$ 200

One Time
  •  Visual Advertising Component
  •  Real World Interactive Marketing
  •  Link to Product or Brand Page
  • Two-Mentions Marketing

Youtube PartnershipMost Popular

$ 500

One Time
  •  Two-Mentions Marketing
  •  Real World Interactive Advertising
  •  Visual Component
  • Various Links to Product or Brand Site

Are there more plans?

Yes. Each opportunity will be unique and custom-tailored to specific needs and goals. With every opportunity, a clear, defined objective will be agreed upon before production.

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